Karpagam JCS

S.NO Volume Issue Title of the paper Author(s) View Article
1 Volume 7 Issue 5 Multiple Dynamic Sink Model for Supporting Mobile Users in Wireless Sensor Networks E.Nithyanantham , M.Yuvaraja
2 Volume 7 Issue 5 Classification Of Micro Calsification And Categorization Of Breast Abnormalities – Benign And Malignant In Digital Mammograms Using Sne And Dwt S Mohan Kumar Dr.G. Balakrishnan
3 Volume 7 Issue 5 A Novel Secure Code Approach using Latin Square Crypto System against Reverse Engineering N.Sasirekha and M.Hemalatha
4 Volume 7 Issue 5 Improved K-Means Clustering Algorithm to Detect Network Intrusions Dr. K. S. Anil Kumar
5 Volume 7 Issue 5 An Efficient Algorithm For The Automatic Construction Of AVL Tree Without Rotations By Sorting Technique S.Muthusundari, R.M. Suresh
6 Volume 7 Issue 5 Visual Event Recognition using Adaptive Support Vector Machine R. Kavitha, Dr. D. Chitra
7 Volume 7 Issue 5 Comparative Analysis Of Symmetric Encryption Algorithms For Data Communication M. Anand kumar and S. Umadevi