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1 Artificial Intelligence With Wearable Computing – Applied For Research Field S.Karthik, S.Shanthi, N.Satish
2 Predicting The Students’ Performance In Covid Pandemic Situation Using Datamining Gomathi.R, Saranya.S, Suganthapriya.M
3 Intelligent Predictive Methods Using Data Mining In Healthcare:A Survey Babitha Thamby, S.Sheeja
4 A Review On Explainable ML-Based Approach For Skill Based Employment Prediction Bijithra NC, K.Anuradha
5 Data Transmission For Prioritized Services In Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using Achievable Ability Aware Generalized Instantly Decodable Network Code K. Lakshmi, M.Soranamageswari
6 A Survey On Potential Security Challenges In Internet Of Things(Iot) Based Elderly Care V. Rani, S. Hemalatha
7 Assessment Of Resampling Techniques Over Multi-Majority Datasets Rose Mary Mathew, R.Gunasundari