Current Issues Karpagam JCS

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1 Envisioning Deep Learning Networks Archana Menon.P, R. Gunasundari
2 A Study on Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Relationship Management and it’s Benefits Seenia Joseph ,Dr.S. Hemalatha
3 Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Banking Sector Joby Jacob, Dr. V. Sangeetha
4 A Comparative Review in regard to Steganography as in related Medical Image rest on the LSB technique K.Rama, S. Punithavathy
5 Systematic Literature Review of Machine Learning Models used in the Analysis of Bank Data for Better Decision Making Sufaira Shamsudeen, K. Ranjith Singh
6 Wireless Sensor Network- A Survey: Design Challenges, Security issues, Application and its Routing Protocols Abarna Sri R, K.Devasenapathy
7 Enhanced YOLO-X Model for tomato disease severity detection using field dataset Rajasree R, C. Beulah Christalin Latha, Appu M

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