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1 The involvement of ICT in education even during the Covid-19 Pandemic G Anitha, Ashish L
2 A Survey on Software Project Management Using Machine Learning Jasmin Nizar, K. Anuradha
3 Survey on Market Basket Analysis using Data Mining and Deep Learning Techniques Naganandhini .S, R.Revathi
4 Image sentiment analysis on past works- an exhaustive study Noora.C.T, P.Tamilselvan
5 Measurement of length and width of betel leaf by image processing Techniques using MATLAB K. Pramod, V.R. Nagarajan
6 A Machine Learning Algorithm-Based Survey of Clickbait Detection In Social Media S.S.Senthil Priya, S.Manju Priya
7 A Study of Network Security with Intrusion Prevention System in Different Environment P. K. Anoos Babu, N. Thangarasu