Karpagam JCS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is JCS peer-reviewed?

Yes, JCS operates a single-blind review process. Suitable papers are sent to a minimum of two independent expert reviewers to assess the quality. The Editor’s decision is final.

What types of paper are published by JCS?

JCS publishes following type of articles: Original research paper, Short Reports, Case Studies ,Review Paper , Literature Reviews, Conceptual Framework, Analytical and Simulation Models and Technical Notes.

What is the ISSN of the Journal?

Yes, it has ISSN. It is written in the top of the journal and also available in the home page of the journal website.

Is there a print version of the journal?

Yes, JCS Journal is published both online and print version.

Can I submit more than one paper for the same issue?

Yes, you can submit more than one paper at a time.

When should I submit my papers? Are there any deadlines?

There is no deadline for paper submission, so you can submit your manuscript at any time. As long as the submitted paper is peer-reviewed and accepted successfully, it would be published in the upcoming issue.

How to submit a paper?

All papers should be submitted through online mode through our journal website.

Can I send only abstract for review?

No, You have to send full length paper for review process.

What are paper publication charges?

Click here for Publication Charges.

Do I need to submit the copyright form along with the manuscript?

Copyright forms shall be accepted by JCS only if the submission is accepted for publication.

Whether it provide hard copy of Journal or not?

Yes after publication papers online, we send the hard copy of Journal to all authors by speed post.

When will I receive an acknowledgment email for my submission?

Paper submissions are normally acknowledged within 12 to 24 hrs.

How much time will you take to review a paper?

It depends on reviewer response. In general, submitted paper may be reviewed within 15 days. It is advised you, do not submit the same article to multiple journals at the same time. You should wait for review report.

How many authors may be cited in a paper?

Maximum 03 authors may be cited in a paper.

Can I submit same paper to the multiple journals?

No, It is advised you, do not submit the same article to multiple journals at the same time. You should wait for review report.

Is it compulsory to submit papers in the given journal template?

Yes, you have to submit the paper in the journal paper template format, but paper should be in msworld file format.

What are the terms and conditions to withdraw my paper?

Terms and conditions are available in the ‘Authors Guidelines’ page. Please refer journal website. Paper cannot be withdrawn at any condition once it is accepted.