Karpagam JCS

S.NO Volume Issue Title of the paper Author(s) View Article
1 Volume 7 Issue 4 Effectiveness of Mantras as Stress Buster – A Review B.S.Jawharali, DR. Hema.C.R
2 Volume 7 Issue 4 Real-time Embedded Web server for Remote Access and Industrial Mechanization Using ARM processor Kumaresan. N Suganthi. J
3 Volume 7 Issue 4 Virtual Machine Placement by Using Honey Bee Forager Algorithm in Cloud Computing Ajith Singh. N1 and M. Hemalatha2
4 Volume 7 Issue 4 A Framework For Video Data Indexing Using Data Mining D.Saravanan, Dr.S.Srinivasan
5 Volume 7 Issue 4 A novel approach in searching of query pattern in the given target DNA database using Artificial Intelligence technique B.Mukunthan