Karpagam JCS

S.NO Volume Issue Title of the paper Author(s) View Article
1 Volume 11 Issue 3 Reserved Cloud Security Private User Authentication, By Using Enhanced Hybrid Algorithm Elavarasan .G and Dr.S.Veni
2 Volume 11 Issue 3 A Survey On Heart Disease And BReast Caancer Prediction By Using Data Mining Techniques K.Yuvaraj and D.Manjula
3 Volume 11 Issue 3 MaxiMizing Network Lifetime Using Hecc Algorithm For Wireless Sensor Network C.Priyadarsini Dr.R.Prema
4 Volume 11 Issue 3 Greedy Approach In Analyzing Multi-Clustered Cell Nuclei On Pap Smear Images Peter Kulandai Raj Dr.S.Sheeja
5 Volume 11 Issue 3 Brain Images Technique For DiagNosis Of Adhd: A Survey Uma Maheswary .K and Dr. S. Manju Priya

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