Karpagam JCS

S.NO Volume Issue Title of the paper Author(s) View Article
1 Volume 13 Issue 3 Detection and Prevention of Malicious Packets Dropper in MANET Using Diffie-helman Packets Exchange Approach Sibomana Fabrice, Dr.E.J.Thomson Fredrik
2 Volume 13 Issue 3 DSDV, AODV & DSR Routing Protocols in MANET Using NS2 –A Performance Comparison L.Thara , Dr.R.Gunasundari , A.Gayathri
3 Volume 13 Issue 3 The Depth Of Deep Learning Dr.B.Firdaus Begam
4 Volume 13 Issue 3 The Cluster-based Technique to Segment Hippocampus from 9.4T MRI of Human Brain for the Diagnosis of Memory Disorders S. Kavitha, Dr.T.Genish
5 Volume 13 Issue 3 An Approach To Detect Credit Card Fraudulence Using HMM Model Manjula.D
6 Volume 13 Issue 3 A Survey on Software Testing Defect Linkage in Web Service Test Report Generation Tool Mounikaarthi T, Dr.P.Tamilselvan

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