Karpagam JCS

S.NO Volume Issue Title of the paper Author(s) View Article
1 Volume 14 Issue 4 Designing Healthcare Data Preservation Model via Genetically Modified Glowworm Swarm Optimization Annie Alphonsa M M, Dr.N.Mohana Sundaram
2 Volume 14 Issue 4 Green Computing – An Analysis of Energy Consumption and Carbon Footprint of Computing Systems Dr.S.Veni
3 Volume 14 Issue 4 A Survey of Computer-assisted Methods for the Diagnosis of Memory-related Disorders S.Kavitha, Dr.T.Genish
4 Volume 14 Issue 4 Optimal-Picture-Based Information-Hiding with One-dimensional Chaotic Systems and Dynamic Programming M.Kannan, R.Sundar
5 Volume 14 Issue 4 Detect and Alert System of Vehicle Accidents Using Arduino Dr.D.Loganathan, Krishnakanth.R, Arunkumar.S, Hariharan.L, Vigneshwaran.G
6 Volume 14 Issue 4 A Study on Software Testing and Software Testing Techniques Dr.G.Manivasagam
7 Volume 14 Issue 4 Feature Selection: A Review Mohana Chelvan P, Dr.Perumal K
8 Volume 14 Issue 4 An Intrusion Detection Approach Using Graph-Based Defence Mechanism N.Mohana Sundaram, P.Sherubha, S.P.Sasi Rekha
9 Volume 14 Issue 4 Survey On Current Trend And Tools Of Data Mining R.Preethi, Dr.S.Sheeja
10 Volume 14 Issue 4 Smart Weather Monitoring System Using IoT P.Sasikala

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