Karpagam JCS

S.NO Volume Issue Title of the paper Author(s) View Article
1 Volume 9 Issue 1 Native Pthread On Android Platform Using Android NDk Bala Dhandayuthapani Veerasamy, G.M.Nasira
2 Volume 9 Issue 1 Transfigure Disburden Android Application Using Cloud N.Krithika , S.A.Sathyaprabha, S.Joyce
3 Volume 9 Issue 1 Identifying Fradulent Behaviour And Its Types using Clustering Techniques Ms.V.Vinodhini, M.Hemalatha
4 Volume 9 Issue 1 A Comparison Of Image Segmentation Using Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learing, And Spine Segmentation B.Suresh Kumar, B.L.Shivakumar
5 Volume 9 Issue 1 A study On Spatio-temporal Access Methods In Spatial Databases K.Appathurai and M.Anandkumar
6 Volume 9 Issue 1 Performance Analysis Of Blow Fish , Ideas And AES Encryption M.Anandkumar and K.Appathurai

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