Karpagam JCS

S.NO Volume Issue Title of the paper Author(s) View Article
1 Volume 7 Issue 6 Enhancing security in Banking Application for low cost RFID tag A.Anny Leema, M.Hemalatha
2 Volume 7 Issue 6 Recognition of Eye Movement Electrooculogram Signals Using Dynamic Neural Networks S.Ramkumar, C.R Chitra
3 Volume 7 Issue 6 Tracking Of Moving Objects In Videos N.K Priyadharsini, D. Chitra
4 Volume 7 Issue 6 BRAT: An Efficient Signature Scheme for Vehicular Networks Using Binary Re-Authentication Tree Suganya, Dr.K.Ravikumar
5 Volume 7 Issue 6 Geographic Adaptive Routing for Improving Link Stability and Energy Efficiency in MANET K. Tamilselvi, Dr. T. Manigandan
6 Volume 7 Issue 6 Utility Oriented G-Negotiation and Coordination for Grid Resource Management S. Shenbagapriya, Dr.T. Manikandan
7 Volume 7 Issue 6 Object Segmentation by Pattern Matching Approach (PMA) S.Thilagamani, N.Shanthi