Karpagam JCS

S.NO Volume Issue Title of the paper Author(s) View Article
1 Volume 13 Issue 7 Predicting Diabetes Mellitus Using Feature Selection And Classification Techniques In Machine Learning Algorithms Ambily Merlin Kuruvilla Dr.N.V.Balaji
2 Volume 13 Issue 7 A Survey On Data Analysis For IoT Applications Using Data Mining Techniques And Algorithms S. SubashChandraBose , Dr.S.Sheeja
3 Volume 13 Issue 7 An Overview Of Methods And Algorithms In Educational Data Mining Dr.K.Devasenapathy, A.Akilapriya
4 Volume 13 Issue 7 Irrigation Control System In Lemon Farming Based On Internet Of Things Using Heterogeneous Sensors Dr.K.Ramesh , Ms. K.Thenmozhi , Mr. S.Karthik
5 Volume 13 Issue 7 An Overview Of Cloud Computing And Area Of Its Application Stephen N Mageto Dr.N.V.Balaji
6 Volume 13 Issue 7 Analysing Employee Attrition Using Machine Learning Usha.P.M , Dr. N.V.Balaji

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