Karpagam JCS

S.NO Volume Issue Title of the paper Author(s) View Article
1 Volume 6 Issue 1 Gender Equality Analysis in The Census Report 2011For Tamil Nadu State By Using Outlier Detection R.Vijay Anand,R.Manicka Chezian
2 Volume 6 Issue 1 Performance Evaluation of Visible Digital Image Watermarking Algorithms T.V Narayana Rao
3 Volume 6 Issue 1 Performance Comparison of ASC and PTS to Reduce PAPR in OFDM WLAN System Mrs.C.Geetha Priya, Dr.Mrs.M.Suganthi
4 Volume 6 Issue 1 Initial Hybrid Method for Analyzing Software Estimation,Benchmarking And Risk Assessment J.Frank Vijay, Dr.C.Manoharan
5 Volume 6 Issue 1 An Authentication Scheme with Anonymity for Wireless Environment Sherif Abu AI-Khair
6 Volume 6 Issue 1 An Image Based Approach to compute Object Distance Ashfaquur Rahman,Abdus Salam,Mahfuzul islam,Partha Sarker
7 Volume 6 Issue 1 Grid-connected Pv System For Pid Controller Using Matlab R.Sivakumar,Dr.N.Suthanthiravanitha
8 Volume 6 Issue 1 Bandwidth Management of Multiple LSP Against Link Failures using WMMF P.Praba, Dr.V.Sundaram, S.Veni

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