Karpagam JCS

S.NO Volume Issue Title of the paper Author(s) View Article
1 Volume 14 Issue 1 Emerging Trends In Cloud Computing Ankush Kudal, Dr. S. Hemalatha
2 Volume 14 Issue 1 IoT & AI in Agriculture : Their Applications and Benefits Ms.Ashika K A, Dr.S.Sheeja
3 Volume 14 Issue 1 Sharing Secret With Multi Party Using Efficient Verifiable Threshold Algorithm R. Nithya, D.Surya
4 Volume 14 Issue 1 A Tiered Approach To Cyber Forensics In The Distributed Data Environment Jibin N, Dr. E.J. Thomson, Fredrik
5 Volume 14 Issue 1 A Review Of Complete Brain Extraction Methods Of MRI Images C. Balaji, Dr. T. Genish
6 Volume 14 Issue 1 An Analysis Of Mobile Ad Hoc Network Backbone For E-Healthcare P.Indurani, Dr.B.Firdaus ,Begam
7 Volume 14 Issue 1 Ontology Based Identification Of Plant Diseases And Varieties Of Chilly Dr.N.Thangarasu, Dr. .Manivasagam, Dr. K.Ramesh
8 Volume 14 Issue 1 Methods Of Extracting Sub-Cortical Structures From Human Brain Scans – A Survey D. K. Ramkumar, Dr. T. Genish
9 Volume 14 Issue 1 A Review On Smart E-Health Monitoring Using IoT And Fog Computing Sadiyamole P A, Dr.S Manju Priya
10 Volume 14 Issue 1 Security And Privacy Challenges In Internet Of Things (IoT) -A Survey T. Janani, K.Prathapchandran, G. Manivasagam